Savage Tide Rising

There Is No Honor
Session 1 - March 8, 2008

1st of Eyre, 998YK



Welcome to Sasserine
Session 1 - March 8, 2008


A renegade elf comes home, returning from the wilds after long years of training in the magical arts. A young human, content in his life as an herbalist, chooses to make a new home in Sasserine – perhaps to continue his studies of sealife, or is it to remain near Senara of Wildwood? Three more elves, connected in ways they cannot imagine, each cover continents and oceans to find their long journeys come together in the bustling seaside port. A lost relic of the War seeks hope for a monastery. Another, alone and imprisoned, seeks only to discover the mysteries of his own origin…

A note, a simple request and generous offer, brings them all together.

Those who twitch the strings of Fate look on.

The Characters
The Characters
  • Eth-Eldur: Human druid, level 5 (owl companion)
  • Sanadal, Elf wizard, level 5 (owns a trained leopard)
  • Pagos: Tortle monk, level 5
  • Halstead: Elf rogue/scout, level 5
  • Ursus: Shifter Duskblade, level 5
  • Corum: Elf rogue, DECEASED (?)
  • Himos: Elf rogue (departed after confronting Corum about his brother’s murder)
  • Joran: Warforged cleric (departed after obtaining the cure needed at his abbey)

Character creation rules:

  • Level 1
  • Starting gold: 200gp
  • Stats: Roll 4d6 for each stat, drop lowest; repeat twice for a total of three full stat sets and pick your favorite set
  • DM bonus feat: “Versatile” – pick any two skills to always be considered class skills for your PC
  • DM bonus skills: 5 free skill ranks in Craft or Profession
  • Optional bonuses: 1 free stat point to spend as you choose for writing a character background; 1 free feat for including 2 DM-useable NPCs in your background

End of Session awards: Players vote for 1) Best RP moment 2) Best “Hero” moment

Winning player rolls a d20 and receives an award based on the following list:

  • 1-4: “Hero Point” – can spend to stabilize yourself, get an extra action in a round, or change your initiative for one encounter
  • 5-8: 2 skill points
  • 9-12: 1 skill trick (Complete Scoundrel)
  • 13-16: feat
  • 17-19: spell-like ability
  • 20: 1 permanent ability increase

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